Coop Villages

Creating and developing self-governing coop villages 

for an inspiring, empowering, and thriving future.

Making Rbe Happen, Now!  is the website of Rbe Villages,  a Think Tank with a global mission to develop Village Coops using Resource-based Economic Principles. Rbe Villages a nonprofit Trust.

We operate with a set of values and principles that we promote for all villages we help develop. They are designed to be fully supportive of the individual, and help them to collaborate with others in a fully empowered way, to live a fulfilled life totally in concert with nature. It's ideal, but can be done.

The strategy used to develop a Village Coop centers on creating an independent, business based, village within a formal Cooperative Structure utilizing resource-based economic principles.

The Economy of the Village operates fully outside the current Consumer Economy where the riches go to a select few, at the expense of most people. As technology advances at a breakneck pace, many productivity gains are realized, increasing often at a disruptive level. The Open Source movement has critical mass in most application areas. All of this can be put together in a village so that the results of the productivity gains go to the "owners" which are the members.

We take the money out of daily life, while building wealth for the members of the village. This is no Spartan approach. Sounds contradictory, so learn more. The coop village is a collaborative business everyone builds together, and shares the results.


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